Magic Hands - Season 3 Ep 1


Season 3 is finally here!  (Thank you computer, for all the wonderous delays!)

Welcome back, all! First episode of a new season, and we're kicking it off with an fact probably one of the top 3 longest and most successful games EVER: Magic the Gathering!

Join Ragna, Darren, and (Occasionally) Juliet as we talk some updates, read a few emails, and play around with our guest host, Jake Sibel, as he teaches us to use our...Magic Hands...

If you'd like to have your email read on the show or send us yer own deck tech, send us an email at ,or on, or or or on Twitter @SyndicastRagna

If anyone wants Jake's Deck Tech, feel free to look below!

Intruder Fling

4 ornithopter
4 ravenous intruder
3 reckless fireweaver
2 Pia nalaar
4 bone saw
4 cathar's shield
4 implement of combustion
4 shock
3 renegade tactics
4 fling
2 pia's revolution
22 mountain

4 invigorated rampage
2 lupine prototype
4 lathnu hellion
1 Pia nalaar
2 servo schematic
2 pia's revolution