Season 2 Ep 4 - Missing Pieces


UPDATE: Ironically, the file that was originally set was corrupted, and missing a huge piece.  Apologies to those who needed to re-download.

Sometime, pieces get lost.  It's a shame when over half of your models turn up missing...But what if they were never there to begin with?!

The crew of 30mm are back with another fun filled mega-sode.  This time, we're mainly here to talk about some pieces missing from our beloved Infinity's line-up. We read some listener mail, talk about some upcoming releases/kickstarters, review some smoking hot terrain, and stick it to Marnold and Joe as long and hard as usual...

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01:01 - News and Announcements
10:52 - Mail Time!
15:40 - Prime My Base...
31:17 - Upcoming Releases
40:08 - Main Event part 1, Terrain Talk
54:18 - Main Event part 2, Missing Pieces
73:38 - Listener Poll from Darren/Joe.