Season 2 Ep 5 - Whisper in My Ear


Well, well.  Look who finally decided to show their faces... These Guys!!! Ok, seriously, we recorded 2 episodes in the past 2 months, and both of them exploded. So, enjoy a 2 hour episode, chock full of random crazy.  We talk about all the stuff you've missed in October and November, read some long overdue email, discuss upcoming releases, bash Spartan Games**, and play the worst game ever created...

You were warned...

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0:00    Outtake
3:30    MailTime
18:07  News and Announcements
23:36  Prime my Base
40:47  Upcoming Releases
51:10  Topic 1: DropFleet Commander!
66:06  Topic 2: The Sinking Spartan Ship**
92:00  Topic 3: Riot Games' Mechs vs Minions
100:15 Topic 4: The Whisper Challenge

**Disclaimer: Ragna trashes Spartan pretty badly.  We apologize for nothing.