Season 2 Ep 6 - Tentacles!


We're the same idiots, just a New Name!  Boyz and girls, children of all ages... Welcome to SyndiCast!  

We're nearing the end of our second season, and still going strong, though missing a few voices due to ebol-...uh, ILLNESS! Ragna and Darren head up some new releases, read some mail, and talk about our early experiences with our new fav: Dropfleet Commander by Hawk Wargames! (Hence the know. Scourge and all.)

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00:00 Welcome to SyndiCast
02:55 Mail Time!
10:13 Prime My Base
25:22 Upcoming Releases (Infinity, Spartan, and 40k)
57:49 Time for Tentacles (DropFleet Commander Inital Review)
104:20 Closing Thoughts
105:39 Meow-time outtake