Nov 8, 2015

Episode 10 (Finally) - Flesh vs The Machine

We promised it'd be here, and here it is... eventually. 

Sooner or later.

Okay, really, there's no good excuse.  Episode 10 (actually recorded about a year ago) is finally ready: assembled through a ton of procrastination, blood, sweat, and mainly just procrastination.  In this overdue installment, Ragna tries his hand at CoC while Onyx gets his first taste... of Furries. (Circle)

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Aug 25, 2015

State of the Podcast Podcast

Redundancy! After a long hiatus, Ragna and Onyx return with tidings and ramblings from their various journeys.  In this long since overdue episode- I mean, come on seriously- Ragna and Onyx talk about the causes for their respective podcast-tardiness and the future of 30mm.  Coming soon are some new surprises, a new member of 30mm, and more tangential incoherence.  

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Apr 28, 2015

Adepticon 2015: Part 2 - Wrap it Up!

Surprise!  Ragna's incapacitation comes with some benefits: namely, the ability to have free time to edit. 

The exciting (debatable) conclusion to 30mm's Adepticon 2015 is unleashed, filled with plot twists, backstabs, the birthing of Dragons, freeing of slaves... wait that was Game of Thrones.  Our wrap up concludes Ragna, Onyx, and Ogre's second and final days at the con. 


Apr 27, 2015

Adepticon 2015: Part 1 - An Ode to Bambi

Welcome back, all!  It's about time we released our Adepticon 2015 episode.

A month after it happened.

Well, part of it...  (Ragna was laid up recently due to surgery, so he actually had time to edit it!)

In our first installment of a 2 part series, Ragna and Onyx talk about the road to Adepticon, why the gamer upper-class should be overthrown, why deer should stay away from Ragna's car, and the joy of waiting in lines.  Also, Onyx apparently looks like a bouncer.  There's some Warmachine too...

Part 2 will be up rather soonish...

(And yes, that was an Attack on Titan reference.)


Feb 13, 2015

Episode 14 - Khadoran Winter Sausage

Don't drink and drive.  Wait... Don't drive and podcast! That's it! 

Welcome back!  In this installment, the crew of 30mm learn the almost critical lesson of the dangers of driving while under the influence of podcast.  Onyx, Ragna, and Ogre adventure to Portal Games and Comics in Bethlehem, PA and tell of their tales abroad.   Onyx and Ogre get a game of Trolls vs Khador; Ragna gets down and dirty with a fellow Cryx player (Josh Roat) to see which Goreshade is the best. 

(Also, sorry for the audio quality in the first half of the episode, but we were legitimately driving.)


Jan 29, 2015

Board Games Review - Part I: Wood for Sheep

Because, seriously...we have so much wood.  And we're willing to give it all for sheep.

Welcome back for something a little different than the norm: 30mm's first Board game review!  To kick off the opening part of the Board Game Review series, Ragna and Onyx discuss two of their favorite board games of all time: Gloom and The Settlers of Catan!  They also share their twisted stories of how they got into each game and fun mods (both official and 30mm created)!

Also: Special thanks to Mattia Cupelli for some awesome background music!


Jan 12, 2015

Episode 12 - Paint the Target

Welcome Back, folks!  This week, we strike virgin soil (take that however you want) and introduce one of our local young-bloods to the horror that is the 30mm Podcast.  Ragna (Mercs), Onyx (Trolls), and guest host Matt Arnold (Legion of Everblight) get down 'n dirty in a Warmahordes Three-way, where only the strongest can survive the incoming...explosions.  


Dec 17, 2014

Episode 11 - Asking for It

Some of you may be wondering where Episode 10 is.  It exists!  There is a cow level! It is wandering the vast macrocosms of the multiverse.  In the meanwhile, Ragna, Onyx, and Ogre (George) talk about 30mm's first official tourney (and boy, did we suck!), providing coverage from the comforts of Conyvcon! 

Speaking of Convycons, Guest hosting this week is James Convy, from the Beerthralls podcast!


Oct 17, 2014

Episode 9 - Neuter and Spay your Argus

It's time for Vengeance!!!  Ragna and Onyx return this week with yet another episode in their "Time Travel" arc.  But wait, there's more!  George finally makes his cameo appearance (hence the Vengeance!) and is forced to pit his Circle Orboros army (pKrueger) against Onyx's ultimate weapon (pXerxis).  Circle players will want to take note on the importance of warping warpwolves and the dangers of neutering one's Argus. 

Also joining the motley crew is Richard Rose, Shakespearean Actor and Warmachine Youngblood.   


Oct 8, 2014

Episode 8 - Show me where the Poltergeist touched you

If you're worried...well, you probably should be.  Ragna and Onyx return with more auditory debauchery.  Or torment.  They haven't decided yet.  On this installment our "heroes" bravely switch sides: Onyx takes his first swing at a cheaty Cygnar army (eStryker) while Ragna messes around with Skorne (Void Seer Mordikaar).

At least Onyx is conscious this time around...


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